Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs are becoming more popular in recent years due to their longevity, curb appeal, and energy saving benefits. If you need a metal roof contractor for metal roof installation or metal roof replacement, we offer free estimates and have locations in Midland, Odessa, and Big Spring Texas.


What are the Benefits of Metal Roofs?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “why is a metal roof better than shingles?” There are many benefits to installing a metal roof:

  • Metal roofs stand up to any condition – Unlike asphalt or other roofing styles, a properly constructed metal roof can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Metal roofing can protect your home against extreme temperatures, high winds, hail, and even fires due to wildfire or lightning strikes — all with minimal maintenance.
  • Metal roofs last longer – Metal roofs can last over 50 years with hardly any maintenance, while asphalt shingles and other types of roofs need regular upkeep and typically need to be replaced every 12 to 17 years.
  • Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors and styles – Residential metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, types and colors. They can make a bold architectural statement or effortlessly complement any home and neighborhood. This roof will outlast others in style and durability.
  • Metal roofs save energy (and money!) – Metal roofs can save you up to 40% on your annual energy costs. With insulation, it can minimize heat buildup and reduce air conditioning cost. State and federal energy savings initiatives including an ENERGY STARⓇ tax credit may also be available.
  • Metal roofs are impervious to animals – If you’ve ever had an animal infestation in your attic or home, you know how difficult and expensive they are to deal with. You will not have to worry about squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and other types of pests entering from your roof.
  • Metal roofs are not affected by moss, mildew, or fungus – Unlike other types of roofs, metal roofs will not get damaged by moss, mildew, or fungus, which can dramatically shorten the lifespan of other types of roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sheet of metal roofing cost? We offer extremely competitive pricing, and since every project is different, we encourage you to contact us for a free estimate!

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles? The initial cost of shingles is lower than a metal roof, however, over time shingles are more expensive due to the upkeep, repair, and replacement costs.

What is the best metal roof system? Every building has different needs, if you contact us we can talk about the best option for your home or building.

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof? The main disadvantage of a metal roof is the initial cost, which is offset by the savings you will experience over the lifetime of the roof.

Are metal roofs noisy? When professionally installed with proper insulation, metal roofs are not noisy.

Does a metal roof add value to a home? Yes, metal roofs can add resale value to your home!

Do metal roofs make the house hot? Many people think metal roofs make the house hotter, however, metal roofs actually keep your home cooler in the summer! Since metal roofs are reflective, they reflect away much of the heat from the sun, and they absorb the heat they don’t reflect due to their high thermal emissivity. While asphalt releases heat from the sun over a long period of time, metal roofs are quick to cool down at night.

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