A Pergola adds style and comfort to your back yard

Are you looking for some relief from the hot Texas sun in your back yard? Have you dreamed of having a classic, eye-catching addition to your backyard decor? Would you like to enjoy relaxing in comfort on your porch or patio in the morning or evening—but you don’t want the interruption of a major construction project?

A Pergola is just what you’re looking for!

Think for a moment about enjoying your afternoon, a fresh cold drink in your hand and the sun a mild glow behind the crossbeams of your own elegantly styled Pergola. Your Pergola can have classic Roman style pillars or wood-grained posts—all made from sturdy, maintenance-free aluminum.

The exact design all depends on what you’d like. Is your patio curved or square? We can match that. Do you want to cover your outdoor kitchen and the walkway between it and your home? No problem! No matter how large or small or what shape you want, we can do it.

Overhead you can have the classic lattice design or a solid roof.

The lattice roof can be adjusted to let in a little or a lot of sun, depending on your personal preference and the angle of the sun. We even have the option of a roof with adjustable slats, which you can change with the touch of a button on the remote control!

Your patio furniture and your sun-sensitive plants will also love your Pergola. Its latticework roof lets in just enough sun to light your patio while greatly reduces the sun’s fading effects on your cushions and covers. And it keeps your plants fresh and healthy with just the right amount of sunlight.

Because of its open design, a Pergola is very easy for us to install. Once we hear your dreams for your Pergola and design it to your instructions, we’ll order the parts. When they arrive, we can do the installation in a jiffy so you’re quickly ready for a whole new outdoor experience.

Call or email us today and let us open the door the possibilities for your yard, your landscaping and your own relaxation!

Created by: Think Marketing