Infinity products are designed to replicate the look of traditional wood windows and doors while providing modern features and low-maintenance performance. Made of Ultrex®, Infinity’s tough, energy-efficient windows and doors are customizable to meet the needs of any replacement project.

Just How Tough Are Our Windows & Doors?

Infinity Doors and Windows from Marvin Bring Your Home the Beautiful Look of Wood in a Product that’s Made to Last a Lifetime.

Imagine your home adorned with the classic look of wood grain and wood tones on your windows and doors on every side. This kind of beauty charms the beholder inside and outside your home.

That’s what Infinity windows and doors from Marvin do for you and your guests.

Infinity products are much more than just a pretty face. They’re designed for maximum energy efficiency, exceeding all Energy Star qualifications. With Infinity, you can sit comfortably by the window any time, in summer’s heat or winter’s cold, enjoying the view.

They’re also designed to last—and function properly—for a lifetime. Marvin’s Ultrex® fiberglass frames are much more durable than most other windows. Infinity is an investment in your home’s beauty and energy efficiency that you’ll enjoy for years and years.

You can stain these windows to match your décor, without the sanding, scraping or refinishing real wood requires.

American Home Improvement has offered Infinity from Marvin doors and windows for years. They’ve seen so many satisfied homeowners during that time, they’re excited about sharing the Marvin story with you as well!

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