BBQ Grills & Rubs

Get Your Grill on with Help from Some of the Greatest Grills There Are!

Mmmmm, can you smell those steaks grilling? Those veggies roasting? Can you see your friends, family, and neighbors wondering where those amazing aromas are coming from?

You can be the grilling hero with help from our amazing selection of the best grills made. We have Weber, Primo, Firemagic, DCS, and Traeger grills in the showroom ready for you to take home and fire up.

Whether you’re looking for the convenience and control of gas or the rich smoke flavors of charcoal, we can help you find the grill that does just what you need it to do.

Have a hankering for some slow-smoked ribs or brisket? Want to enjoy some fire-grilled pizza? Ready to invite some friends over for barbecue, beans, taters, and drinks? We have smokers, grills, and full outdoor kitchens that can turn your patio into a taste bud paradise and a flavor haven.

Whether you’re cooking on a grand scale or just need a grill for your own family, ask our barbecue experts to show you how to get there.

Once you’ve chosen your grill, remember that we have all the implements you need, from spatulas to aprons to implements for grilling chiles, fish, corn-on-the-cob, and more.

Then there’s the real flavor headquarters. We have all the best seasonings, rubs, marinades and sauces, from some of the top chefs. Whatever meat or veggie you’re hungry for, we can help you draw out the deepest and richest flavor imaginable.

Let us help you fire up your imagination—and your grill. Call us or come visit our showroom!

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