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When it comes to the exterior look of a home, many people think that the paint color, the architectural style, or the landscaping are all that need to be injected with a bit more personality.

Think again because your door needs more. Doors are what people see when they first walk up to your home. Visitors’ eyes are naturally drawn to an appealing door, and it’s a sure way for them to guess what’s waiting on the inside.

However front doors are more than just an entrance. They also play an integral role in the safety of your home, its appearance, and its energy efficiency. Which is why you need to design your home with the front door as the focal point.

Fortunately, American Home Improvement is proud to help enhance and improve your home’s exterior with high-quality, durable entry doors that not only impress your family and friends but also offer protection, energy-efficiency and superior functionality for your home.

With 20 years of home improvement service experience in Midland and surrounding areas, we know what kinds of features homeowners look for when selecting replacement doors. We offer a versatile type of door that can be customized to your specifications.

Wood, Steel, and Fiberglass Front Door Option

Wood doors give your home a beautiful and high-end appearance. However, they are expensive and require regular maintenance. Over time they warp, fade, scratch, swell or rot.

Steel doors are stronger and more durable than wood doors. They are less expensive and provide better insulation. Besides, you don’t have to worry about warping, rotting or pest damage. But, they also lack aesthetics and easily scratch and dent.

Fortunately, wood and steel doors are not your only options. We offer the newest front door material option – fiberglass – which is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Some of the best features fiberglass doors have to offer are:

  • Durability: The fiberglass panel is built to last – no dent, rust or rot – and will not require constant refinishing to stay in top shape.
  • Versatility: They come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles. Can be used for any door needs.
  • Appeal: Whether you want a steel or wood finish, our fiberglass doors have a detailed relief on the panel, allowing you to make the best first impression possible to people visiting your home.
  • Insulation and energy-efficiency: They have a polyurethane core which provides superior insulation and improve energy efficiency.
  • Security: We further enhance their durability and resiliency by fitting them with 18′ wood lock-block, offering a stronger element of protection and security for your family.

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