How can you control the natural light in any room—without lifting a finger?

Read on to learn the answer!

Motorized Shades By Rodney Martin,

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I’m sitting here watching the motorized shades and blinds in this room open and close—and all I’m doing is pushing a button. Our technicians just finished installing them in a very happy customer’s house. Want to hear more?

Let me ask you this first: Do you have a bright, cheery room with windows that face south or west? Do you struggle to control the light and heat from the suns as the day goes along? About the time you get the shutters adjusted for the sun’s position—it MOVES and you have to get up again and redo everything, right?

Well, Hunter Douglas’s Powerview® Motorization motorized shades lets you control them easily—without lifting a finger.

You CAN lift just a finger or thumb, if you want, to operate the remote control manually. To do that you’ll use the stylish PowerView Pebble remote.

The PowerView Pebble Remote is a stylish control, available in seven decorator colors. It allows you to pre-set and easily control up to six different groupings of motorized shades—either individually or together—with just the press of a button.

If you want even more convenience, there’s the PowerView Pebble Scene Controller. It features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes—different combinations of shades and shade positions—that you previously programmed using the PowerView App.

You may already have your home’s lights, air conditioning and appliances set up on a home network. If so, your PowerView motorized shades will probably fit right in. They work with a long list of home control systems.

Another option is to get the PowerView app on your smart phone. It lets you program several pre-set options, or “scenes” for positioning the motorized blinds on various windows.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, but sunrise and sunset times change throughout the year. Will I have to keep tinkering with this all year?”

Fortunately, no.

It’s easy to link one or more of your scenes to sunrise or sunset times—a schedule that PowerView keeps up with for you, based on your exact location.

Before you start thinking these motorized blinds are going to look like those sheet metal doors at the beginning of Get Smart, you can relax there, too. Remember that Hunter Douglas has set the standard for style and beauty for decades, and they’re still the market leaders.

So many customers come in looking specifically for Hunter Douglas window treatments—of all kinds—because they know that every window treatment is designed to make the most modern décor speak style, comfort and elegance to every guest who enter the room.  We can help you choose the shutters that are right for your home.

Because we’re a local company, we do all the installation and service work. We stand behind all the work we do.

Click here  to go to our website’s Hunter Douglas page or call us at 432-550-7224.

Stop fighting the sun, and relax. Here’s one less interruption in your life!

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