High Quality Retractable Screens

In Texas, even the best backyard spaces might go to waste as summer brings sweltering temperatures and annoying bugs. To get the most out of your porch or patio, use a retractable screen to keep your patio cool and protected without ruining the view. With American Home Improvement, you can get back to enjoying your backyard again in no time.

What is A Retractable Screen

A retractable screen is exactly what you’d expect: a screen that can roll up and out of view. This type of patio screen not only blocks out annoying insects and provides shade to your backyard, but it also gives you the option to remove it entirely when you don’t need it. In addition to switching between shade and sunlight with a touch of a button, our high-quality motorized screens feature:

  • 5 frame finishes to match any home
  • A variety of weaves, from open to solid acrylic
  • Able to be surface or recessed mounted
  • Efficient, worry-free electronics
  • Convenient push button, motorized operation
  • 10-year framework warranty
  • Available up to 18 feet wide
  • Offered with drops up to 16 feet

Together, these features make for a beautiful, practical addition to any home.

How Do Retractable Screens Work?

While a normal screen is typically fixed permanently to walls or siding, our retractable screens have the ability to roll up and out of sight. Because we offer motorized retractable screens, you don’t even need to worry about rolling the screen yourself. A small motor will retract your screen out of the way or slowly roll it down to offer shade and protection.

Because our screens can be easily stored in their housing, they’re protected from UV damage and harsh weather. Plus, since it is protected during the wettest and coldest months, the material will stay clean and beautiful much longer than a traditional screen.

Whether you’re looking to enclose your entire patio or cover a few select windows, motorized screens are the best way to keep your home cool, inside and out.

Choose American Home Improvement For Your Retractable Patio Screen

If you want to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the Texas heat or summer bugs, contact us to get your new retractable screen. Whether you’re looking for a tight mesh screen or a solid, sun-blocking screen, trust American Home Improvement for the best retractable screens in Odessa, Midland, and Big Spring, Texas. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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