Window shades and sheers bring a warm, gentle glow to your home

Last time we talked about the incredible versatility of HunterDouglas window shades and coverings. They can alter the mood and lighting in a room with the smallest adjustment—something no other home furnishing can hope to do.

We pictured the beauty and the numerous options available with shutters. This time we’re going to do a soft-focus snapshot of sheers and shades and how they make a gentle, foundational difference in your favorite rooms.

In your most lived-in rooms you’re probably always ready for some light—just not the searing heat of the west Texas sun. With their soft folds, gentle but stylish colors and their ability to filter in just the light you want, sheers from HunterDouglas are perfect in these areas. Classic roller shades are another option we’ll discuss later.

Silhouette® Tame the summer sun like a kitten with Silhouette’s soft, adjustable fabric vanes. These and all sheers also protect your furnishings and art from the fading effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Alustra® Collection of Silhouette® Here is the exquisite elegance you’ve searched for.  This collection features an exclusive selection of textured front sheers, metallic accented vanes and hardware finishes designed to create a stylishness that’s unmatched anywhere.


Luminette® this is how you stylishly adorn and protect your largest windows and sliding doors. Privacy, lightness and UV protection are sewn into every stitch of Luminette sheers.

Pirouette® These window coverings live a double life, giving the soft light of their sheer cousins while appearing as trendy, contemporary shades when closed. Perfect for rooms where you need window coverings that can get you all the way to dark.

Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® Here is the perfect fusion of function and beauty. Refined texture and a subtle sheen combine to create a captivating ambiance in any room.

Classic Roller Shades give you a clean, classic look suited for both informal and formal rooms.

Designer Roller Shades For more than 100 years roller shades have offered the utmost in ease and simplicity of use. HunterDouglas adds the option of hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Everything from sheers to opaques, patterns to textures and traditional solid colors. What’s your favorite?

Designer Screen Shades These are designed to give you the ultimate in UV protection and sunlight softening while still letting you enjoy the view. These are perfect for a patio or sunroom.

Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades Here’s where you can WOW your guests. It’s an innovative alternative to woven woods or solar screens, with an artful blend of unique fibers and sophisticated designs.

Push-button remote control is available in all these designs. Motorized Shades 

Making the right choice is really simple. Just think of how you’d like that living room, den, kitchen or sitting area to feel. Then talk to us. We can help you find the right window coverings to make any room exude your own personality; to make it your perfect living space.

Created by: Think Marketing